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Battle Beasts Minimates Series 2 Plus New Animation!


From the mind of Art Asylum and the pages of the IDW comic book comes an all-new series of Battle Beasts Minimates! This new assortment of two-inch warrior animals includes eight new beasts only available on the specialty market: Giraffe & Hammerhead, Cow & Bear, Cobra & Bat and Anubis & Thrush! Each Minimate stands 2 inches tall with 14 points of articulation and features a variety of removable and interchangeable parts and accessories. Create your own animal combinations!

Pre-order through yoru favorite online toy retailer, or at your local comic book shop – ask for item #MAR141957!

And check out this new Battle Beasts Minimates animation by Alex Kropinak!

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Battle Beasts Minimates Series 1 is Out Today!


The long wait is over! This week, New Toy Day will finally bring to the masses Series 1 of Battle Beasts Minimates! With characters and paint schemes exclusive to comic shops and specialty stores, plus new packaging with artwork by Dan Brereton, this assortment of Diamond Select Toys’ most detailed Minimates ever is not to be missed! Continue Reading →

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Battle Beasts Signing and Kids’ Giveaway at New York Comic-Con


The Battle Beasts have invaded San Francisco in the pages of IDW’s comic book mini-series, and now they’re invading Zoo York! Diamond Select Toys will hold a Battle Beasts signing at their booth at New York Comic-Con with Brooklyn-based artist Ulises Farinas, the artist behind the wraparound cover (and the SDCC exclusive cover) for Battle Beasts #1 from IDW Publishing. Farinas will sign free full-sized posters featuring the wraparound cover’s detailed battle scene from issue #1, and will also sign Battle Beasts comics for fans at no charge. The signing will take place on Saturday from 2-3 pm at the Diamond Select Toys booth, #2156.

Additionally, Diamond Select will discuss their upcoming Battle Beasts Minimates toy line at a panel on Sunday at 10:45 in room 1A06, along with other lines in the Minimates style. A slide presentation will be followed by a Q&A session, and all child attendees (must be wearing a child badge) will get a free Battle Beast promo Minimate.

The final issue of Battle Beasts from IDW comes out on October 24th, and the first series of Battle Beasts Minimates ships in December! Pre-order yours today!

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Battle Beasts #3 is In Stores This Week!

BattleBeasts 3 Header

Just released this week, it’s Battle Beasts #3 from IDW Publishing! The epic invasion of Earth by the Beasts has turned San Francisco into a war zone, and the army has been called in to deal with the situation. Meanwhile, Vorin the ram, Merk the falcon and Gruntos the walrus take their human charges underground, and we catch a glimpse of how their band of brothers was formed. The last chapter before the whisker-rattling finale!

Written by Bobby Curnow, this issue features a phenomenal cover by interior artist Valerio Schiti, pitting Vorin against Merk. But one in every 10 covers is an illustration of Gruntos by Jeff Zornow, and it combines with the limited covers for issues 2 and 4 to create a three-part image of our heroes!

Check out a five-page preview below!

To find your local comic shop, visit, and get regular Battle Beasts updates on Facebook and Twitter! And check out a cool new interview with Bobby Curnow here!

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Battle Beasts Minimates Series 1 Revealed!


After years of planning, Diamond Select Toys has opened up pre-orders for their first series of Battle Beasts Minimates! Appearing in the September issue of Previews, the first series of specialty figures includes characters and color schemes that will only be found at comic shops and specialty stores.

Vorin the Ram vs. the Scorpion
The leader of the the heroic band of rebels faces off with the leader of a nasty band of desert Beasts!

Merk the Falcon vs. The Tarantula
Vorin’s deadly comrade takes on one of the creepiest Beasts he’s ever encountered!

Gruntos the Walrus and Tate Reynolds (specialty exclusive character!)
The trio’s good-natured powerhouse teams up with his newfound human compatriot!

Bliss Reynolds (specialty exclusive character!) vs. The Snake
The human heroine is hunted by a slithering Beast for her knowledge of the Dread Weapons!

Coming this December! Pre-order the assortment today from your local comic shop or your favorite online retailer, and stay tuned to see the Toys “R” Us color schemes and the exclusive Beast two-pack!

Visit to find the nearest comic shop, and get regular DST updates on Facebook and Twitter!

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Battle Beasts #2 from IDW Attacks Your Comic Shop Today!


One month ago, the world was introduced to the world of the Battle Beasts, ferocious animal warriors from space who have descended on Earth for reasons unknown. Well, Issue 2 of the IDW Publishing mini-series arrives in comic shops this week, and we begin to learn the answers to some of our questions, as well as meet some bloodthirsty new Beasts! The issue has a main cover (above) featuring the three main characters by the series’ regular interior artist, Valerio Schiti (TMNT, Journey Into Mystery), but one in ten covers is a rendering of Vorin by Jeff Zornow (Jurassic Park, Godzilla). Connect it with the chase covers of Gruntos and Merk on issues 3 and 4 to form the awesome triptych seen above!

Check out the first seven pages of the issue over at Comic Book Resources, and visit to find your nearest comic shop!

Get regular DST updates on Facebook and Twitter!

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Battle Beasts Conquer Comic-Con!


At Comic-Con International 2012 in San Diego, Diamond Select Toys launched their latest original property, Battle Beasts, with new products in the realms of toys, comics, animation and even music! In collaboration with IDW, Peavey and Coffin Case, each release of the weekend showcased a different aspect of the Battle Beasts brand that will make it a property to watch out for in the coming months.

The first Battle Beasts toys, utilizing Diamond Select’s popular Minimates mini-figure body, went on sale at Comic-Con, in the form of a two-pack featuring protagonist Vorin and a show-exclusive character, Zik. Additionally, 200 clear blue figures of Vorin were given out to attendees each day of the show, continuing DST’s long tradition of giving out promotional Minimates at every Comic-Con. The first full series of Battle Beasts, due out in December, was also on display at the DST booth. (New pics coming soon!)

Wednesday’s Preview Night also saw the debut of the first issue of IDW’s Battle Beasts mini-series, based on concepts and designs by Diamond Select. A variant cover depicting the San Diego Convention Center was exclusively available at the show, and writer Bobby Curnow and cover artist Ulises Farinas participated in a signing at the DST booth, where they gave out free posters and ashcan comics.

A drawing was also held at the DST booth for a custom Battle Beasts HP Special CG guitar by Peavey, as well as a matching airbrushed guitar case by Coffin Case. Both the guitar and the case featured artwork from Dan Brereton’s cover to Battle Beasts #1, and both were on display at the booth for the duration of the show.

The Battle Beasts launch got underway Thursday night at the Versus World event at San Diego’s famous Haunted Hotel. Co-hosted by Diamond Select Toys, Heavy Metal magazine, Coffin Case and Dig Deep Entertainment, the event also featured the debut of the first Battle Beasts motion comic, using the artwork of series artist Valerio Schiti and animated by Santino Ramos. Check it out!

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Battle Beasts: The Comic Book Interview!


The first issue of Battle Beasts is out now from IDW Publishing, and the positive reviews are rolling in! The book introduces us to the characters who will make up the toy line from Diamond Select Toys, and lays the groundwork for the entire Battle Beasts universe to come with a mix of action, comedy and amazing artwork. To get a feel for what goes into the book, and what we can expect in the future, we talked to series writer Bobby Curnow and series artist Valerio Schiti about

Who are the Battle Beasts?
BOBBY CURNOW (writer):
The Battle Beasts are an ancient race of creatures who value combat above all other things in life. That’s all I’ll say about them for now — delving into their history and society is something that’s going to be fun to explore in the series. Our story focuses on three hero Beasts. Vorin, the Ram, Merk, the Falcon, and Gruntos the Walrus. They reject the Beast way of life and are searching for a way to stop the endless conflict, all for their own individual reasons.

How has your collaboration been going with Diamond Select? What is the process?
Honestly, it’s been great. [Director] Chuck Terceira and everyone else at Diamond are so enthusiastic about the project, and there’s just a ton of energy around it. When we started putting together the story, Diamond Select had some ideas about the Beasts coming to Earth, and thoughts about the human characters. This was really great, because when I started thinking about the project I was really preoccupied with the Beasts… they were all I was thinking of! But the Earth setting, and our human characters, are so crucial to this story, so I’m really happy they wanted that direction. The end result is a great meld, which I find can be rare. Once we had the basic concept down, I work up a draft of a script, take some minor but very helpful notes from Diamond, then it’s off to Valerio, who makes the story ten times better!

Valerio, how has your collaboration been with Bobby and DST? What is that process like?
First of all, I have to say that I’m very excited for the chance to work on such a thrilling project. I already worked with Bobby on “TMNT” and “Infestation 2”, so I know how professional he is, and I also know the toys and the products of Diamond Select, so I’m glad and proud to have a part in this project, too.
As an artist I always try to translate and sometimes improve with pictures the writer’s imagination. So, once I read Bobby’s script, I started doing the layouts for the whole book. In this way Bobby and Diamond can evaluate which is the main idea and the rough bases of the final panels and then, when I have their approval, I start inking.
It’s very important to say a few words about the amazing work of Scarletgothica with the colors. We organize our work so while I’m working on inks she usually starts to coloring the first pages. We try to work as a team, she always involves me in her process, asking me the mood of the story, the atmosphere, sometimes even about the weather and what time is in the sequence! She’s very talented and I have to share with her the merit for the final result of the pages.

Has it been a challenge to essentially build this new world from the ground up?
Absolutely not! Of course it’s hard, but it’s a comic artist’s dream to do something like this, all of my colleagues are very envious. Diamond was very clear about what they were looking for with their creatures, they also sent me some sketches to show me what they wanted and Bobby let me be free about the design of the creatures. He also asked me opinions during the preliminary phase. What we have is a huge population of beasts, all threatening and all different and peculiar! All I had to do was to start sketching beasts as much as I can. Believe me: this is the funniest part of the work!
CURNOW: It’s certainly taken time and effort, but I don’t know that it’s a challenge. This is a dream gig. There’s a big life-or-death struggle, interesting characters and a potentially limitless supporting cast of Beasts. All of that is just plain fun to explore.

How far out have you planned the story of the Battle Beasts? Do you have ideas reaching beyond the mini-series?
Definitely. I’ve got a good grasp on what would be the first twelve issues, with some good ideas of where to go beyond that. Beasts on Earth is such a rich concept to explore, with lots of potential twists and turns. Add in the great off-world Beast backstory, and there’s loads of stories to dig into.

The tone of the book walks a line between drama and humor. Is that a difficult balance to maintain, given the subject matter?
I think that balance between drama and humor has developed naturally. Given all the battlin’ beasts, it’s easy to default into grim and gritty. We definitely have some serious, heavy things going on, but both Valerio and I didn’t want to make this book a drag to read. It should be fun, and incorporate some classic adventure elements. We’ve got a couple serious characters, and a couple characters that are naturally a little bit more light-hearted and optimistic. Those characters provide a nice, natural mix of tones.

Who has been your favorite character to write so far?
There’s something I really like about all the characters, I could talk about all of them at length!
Developing Vorin’s backstory has been really interesting, he’s got a lot of layers. His dynamic with Merk is going to go in some interesting places, there’s going to be some neat twists and turns within the hero Beasts dynamic.
Bliss, the main human protagonist, has been the biggest surprise. She’s really different from other characters I’ve written before, but she’s sort of emerged fully formed. I don’t have to think too much about what she would do, but I still find myself surprised by some of the things she says and does, which I think is a very good sign. The characters you don’t have to force are always the best.
On the other hand, I knew from the start that Gruntos was going to be fun to write, he’s just so jovial and takes life as it comes. So no surprise there.
There’s also a character that we only see for one panel in issue #2 that I can’t stop thinking about, too! I’m grinning while writing this whole response, thinking about these characters. They’re all just a ton of fun. To me, at least! Hopefully the reader will agree!

Valerio, who has been your favorite character to draw so far?
This is the hardest question: I created this crew with Bobby so I love them all but probably, if I have to chose, I think that my favorite one is Vorin the ram. I like his fighting poses, his armor and his mixture of leadership, courage and kindness. In my imagination the three beasts are like the Three Musketeers and Vorin is like the noble Athos, my favorite one!
For different reasons I’m in love with the Reynolds siblings, the human protagonists. Bliss and Tate are two great characters with a special relationship, they’re perfectly balanced and I have to thank Bobby for this. I love to make them play and I really hope the readers will like them as much as I do.

Why do you think Battle Beasts is a good fit for IDW?
IDW does many things extremely well. We make high-end collections, and some of the very best creator-owned original books. But probably a majority of our efforts go into licensed properties. We’ve got a ton of experience working with licensors, figuring out how to make the very most out of their properties. We love finding the stories that best expand the potential of a concept. IDW always tries to find the living, breathing heart of a story, and do something new with it, while honoring what makes it great and attracts its fans. In short we’re good at respecting what makes something cool, while thinking about how to push it into new and fun directions.
Battle Beasts has absolutely all of the ingredients to make a great comic. Big conflict, interesting characters, and a story that could go anywhere. That ‘surprise’ factor is built in. Then you add in TONS of cool creatures and designs and give it to an artist as talented as Valerio? That’s a recipe for good comics, and that’s why Battle Beasts is a natural fit at IDW.

What do you personally bring to the Battle Beasts table?
Ha, you are going to make sure I come off as an egomaniac, aren’t you? I think, more than anything else, I can see the potential of this story. It’s a big story, spanning the globe, involving two different races with the fate of the Earth hanging in the balance. That’s the big picture. But at the heart of it are our main characters, each one unique. They are where the real story is. We’re going to have tragedy, humor, and tons of action. I like to think I can keep that balance while still respecting the characters that are moving the adventure forward.
So I’ll be throwing out some fun ideas, but really it’s Valerio who’s going to be spinning into gold!
SCHITI: I like to introduce small details, something useful to improve what Bobby and Diamond want from me. I’m talking about silly things like a stupid chubby character in the background, an old woman running away with a dog, a man talking at the phone while the city is crumbling, a realistic outfit for the characters. These may seem just small details but real people in a real city act in this way, and what is really important to me is to make it all believable: in my humble opinion the plausibility is the key in a comic book with a fantasy theme and fictional characters!

After working on TMNT and now this, are you more comfortable drawing animals than humans?
I have to be honest: the anatomy is pretty much easier for the animals. The animal-like characters can do poses that a human can’t usually do and as an artist, I can exaggerate movements and muscles to enhance the dynamism. Of course there are pros and cons: For instance it’s very difficult to draw the beasts facial expressions without making them ridiculous… but in the end, it’s a hoot!

To find your nearest comic book shop, visit!

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Battle Beasts: The Toy Interview!


Recently, Diamond Select Toys opened up about their Battle Beasts toy line to Toy Chest News. Read on to find out what Minimates are, what the full line will be like, and what you can expect to see at this year’s Comic-Con International in San Diego!

It was first announced in 2009 at the San Diego Comic Con that Diamond Select Toys had secured the trademark on the name “Battle Beasts.” Why has it taken so long to bring the toys to market?
We didn’t want to rush toys onto store shelves without figuring out exactly how we wanted the line to play out. We knew the kind of toys we wanted to make, but we didn’t know who the Battle Beasts were, where they were going, and what the line would look like in a year. So while we focused on a few other proprietary lines, we used that time to flesh out some ideas we had about the Battle Beasts, and to find a partner that would help us turn those ideas into stories. Once IDW came on board, with Bobby Curnow delivering a great script and Valerio Schiti turning in some amazing artwork, we knew it was time to get the ship underway, as it were. So we put our Minimates design team on the job, and we hope to show off Series 1 on the third anniversary of the announcement, at the same time as the first issue of the comic book comes out.

Why use Minimates to bring this brand to collectors?
We’ve been making Minimates for ten years now, and we’ve found that they’re a pretty adaptable toy. When Art Asylum designed them back in the day, they were fairly basic block figures along the lines of Kubricks. But as they’ve been adapted to brand after brand over the years — Marvel Comics, The Real Ghostbusters, Marvel vs. Capcom — we’ve found that they can be anything we want them to be, with the addition of a few sculpted parts. And while we explored some fully-sculpted Battle Beasts designs at one point, we were always going to make Minimates first. They’re two inches tall, they’re really poseable, they cost less than $10 for a 2-pack… it just made a lot of sense for the brand.

How will Battle Beasts Minimates be different from other Minimates lines?
All of our Minimates lines use additional sculpted parts to varying degrees, but Battle Beasts will be one of our most detailed and visually diverse lines yet. It will still take advantage of the Minimate body’s poseability, but with sculpted heads, legs and torso parts that will give them more Beast-like anatomy. We’ve been making four-legged Minimates for years now — dogs, wolves, Daggits, etc. — based on the human proportions of Minimates, but now we’re ready to take them even further away from those proportions. And this time around, we really want to play up the interchangability of Minimates. Collectors already trade parts back and forth between their figures, to create different versions of characters, but we’re making it so that, in spite of all of these sculpted parts, you can still combine these different animal attributes to create hybrid animals. Goats with scorpion claws, a moose with spider legs… the possibilities will be endless.

How closely will the Minimates toy line follow the IDW comic book?
The first assortment will follow the comic very closely. We meet a lot of Beasts in the first issue, including our three main characters, Vorin, Merk and Gruntos. They anchor the first series, and it will be filled out with some of the cooler-looking creatures that pop up in that issue, as well as a few designs that may not appear in the book until much later. We’re wrapping up development on the toys now, and the issues are still being drawn, so we’ll see! There will also be a couple of figures based on the book’s human protagonists. The line is still all about the Beasts, but fans of the book who want to get the human characters will be able to.

How has it been collaborating with IDW on the toy designs?
Great! Having seen the art shooting back and forth between Mark Wong, the lead designer, and Valerio Schiti, IDW’s artist on the comic, it appears to be going very well indeed. Valerio is bringing Mark’s designs into the real world, and Mark is skewing Valerio’s designs into a more fantastic realm, and the end result is the best of both worlds — a true hybrid.

Which animal has been the most challenging to adapt to the Minimates system? Which do you think has been the most successful?
Believe it or not, Merk has been challenging — making a Minimate look as deadly as Merk is tricky enough, but factor in the hood and the wings and his weapons, and there are a lot of conversations with the sculptor about how to make him look just right. Some of the most successful figures in the first assortment have been the eight-legged characters. Series 1 has both a scorpion and a tarantula, and both of them utilize a new four-pegged hip piece, which allows them to walk around on four legs. Add in the long foreleg pieces, big claws and chest armor, and they are very, very impressive. I think people are going to like them a lot.

What will be the next Battle Beasts product to reach collectors’ hands?
The first Beast toys we’ll have for sale will be a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive two-pack, featuring Vorin with his cloak down and an evil dragonfly character named Zik. Vorin will be in full color for the first time, and he’ll be slightly different from the regular release in the fall, and Zik is a fun character we designed just for this set. Of course, the first issue of the comic comes out in July, as well, with a main cover by Dan Brereton, a limited variant by Ulises Farinas. Luke’s Toy Store will have an exclusive cover, and there will also be another Farinas cover at San Diego Comic-Con. There will also be a retailer incentive Minimate of Vorin in “stealth armor,” available to retailers who buy 25 copies of the comic.

Check back soon for more info about our giveaways and other retailer exclusives! And get regular SDCC updates on Facebook and Twitter!

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Diamond Select Toys and IDW to Unleash the Battle Beasts at C2E2!


Since 2010, Diamond Select Toys has been searching to find the right partner to introduce their Battle Beasts brand to a broader audience. Now the search is over, and DST and IDW Publishing have teamed up to immortalize a new breed of Beasts! At this year’s Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2), which runs from April 13-15, the two companies will offer a taste of what’s to come: DST will give out an ashcan preview of IDW’s upcoming BATTLE BEASTS comic-book mini-series, as well as an exclusive promo Minimate of one of the book’s lead characters!

“We are thrilled to have found a partner in IDW, a company that understands toy fans just as well as they understand comic book fans,” said director of Diamond Select Toys Chuck Terceira. “Their experience with licensed comic books — and with the dedicated fan bases they write for on a monthly basis — is proof that the Battle Beasts brand is in the right hands, and we look forward to working with them for this mini-series, and, hopefully, beyond!”

The mini-series is written by Bobby Curnow (Godzilla Legends, Night of 1000 Wolves) and penciled by Valerio Schiti (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Donatello, Dungeons & Dragons: Eberron). It focuses on a group of renegade Beasts who return to Earth to protect the ultimate weapon (and the human who activated it) from an armada of their violent brethren. The ashcan will reprint the first eight pages of issue #1 in full color, and fans will be able to get a free translucent Minimate of the ram Vorin while supplies last. Both will be given away during C2E2 by DST at booth #311.

BATTLE BEASTS is a great fit for IDW”, said writer Bobby Curnow. “What’s so important about toys is they enable kids to build worlds in their imaginations, and create stories for those worlds. Since I never really grew up, getting the chance to help create the new Battle Beasts in comic form has been a fantastic and supremely fun experience. The world has been turned upside down with the arrival of the Battle Beasts, and we’re going to have a great time showing just how crazy things get. IDW has a lot of experience finding riveting stories in toy-based licenses, and I hope BATTLE BEASTS is no exception. I know for a fact that Valerio is knocking it out of the park. His art is going to floor a lot of people.”

And the excitement does not stop there — at San Diego Comic-Con (July 11-15), IDW will launch the BATTLE BEASTS mini-series with issue #1, and DST will unveil the first full wave of Battle Beasts Minimates, which will be in stores in late fall of 2012! The first wave of two-packs will focus heavily on characters who appear in the comic, and will have a gameplay element, as well. DST will also have an exclusive two-pack of Battle Beasts for sale at the show.

Minimates are 2-inch minifigures created by Art Asylum in 2002. This year marks the brand’s 10th anniversary, and in that time Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum have released over 1,000 Minimates for nearly 50 separate licenses. Highly detailed and highly poseable, each Minimate features 14 points of articulation and comes with plenty of interchangeable parts and accessories.

Visit to sign up for updates and learn more about the company and its top-selling books. And visit and to learn more about Minimates!

BATTLE BEASTS #1 ($3.99, 32 pages, full color) will be available in stores in July 2012.

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